We are a next-generation connectivity platform that enables you to cut the cord.





Replace your Internet/ Cable service and choose from 3 service options (Everywhere™, Everywhere Plus, Everywhere™ Premium) that offer various video services powered by Hulu. Home users also have the option to add in-vehicle Wi-Fi to their service. 




Landlords and developers are now able to leverage Everywhere™ to attract new age renters with Viaggi’s Wi-Fi as an Amenity product. This service delivers cost-free fiber Internet to tenants and access to our Everywhere™ public network footprint. 




Everywhere™ provides high-capacity fiber Internet services to enterprise companies and office towers. Each user on the enterprise network users a secure digital VPN product by Viaggi that auto-connects devices on the Everywhere™ network with no need to sign-in. The devices are securely managed by unique identifier. 



How does Viaggi Everywhere™ work? Take a look.

“Viaggi's Internet service has been unlike any other. The service is unparalleled. Thank you for making our experience spectacular!” - Julie