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Better, Faster Internet Service.

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Home Internet

Viaggi Broadband delivers the future of fast home Internet connectivity with 5G gigabit Internet for your home or business. Easy plug and play setup, anywhere! Landlords are now able to make their units even more attractive by bundling 5G with every unit!

1 Month Free Trial!


We’re Changing the Way the World Interacts With the Internet

Viaggi makes it easier to stay connected as you move around. Our vision is to keep users connected to the Internet from the home, to the car, and throughout public spaces. 



We Give You the Connectivity You Need

to Stay On the Move And Connected Everywhere.

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More reliable connectivity on the move enables a new age of fleet tracking. GPS provides real-time asset tracking powered by 5G Internet throughout the U.S. increasing efficiency. Real-time alerts over 5G gives you the power to make real-time decisions and support other solutions to enhance your business operations.

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Connect your entire fleet to your preferred fleet management platform for real-time telematics and take control of your bottom line. Timely service and productivity is now easier to maintain while you focus on growing your business. 


Viaggi offers in-vehicle Wi-Fi to enhance the rider experience for rental car fleets and ride share operators. For connected cars, consumer targeted vehicle manufacturers can leverage 5G connectivity to communicate service alerts and automated check-ins for service appointments.

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A different approach, using a new method of connectivity.

Viaggi dreams of a World where devices stay connected to reliable Internet seamlessly as they move around. Viaggi is working to spread complete connectivity throughout the World without the need to manage each interaction. Stay tuned and stay connected.

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Manage your digital assets using VIAGGI 5G. Provide video monitoring to clients in real-time growing brand trust and make instant changes to your boards increasing your digital asset real estate to grow revenue.



We are looking to grow our partnership network in an effort to bring more reliable Internet connectivity to the World. Interested in partnering with us? Reach out!

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